Sunday, March 30, 2014

Welcome members to our 'news and views' page!  This page and the page you just left are for IFRA members only... while the IFRA home page is intended to promote membership and to give basic information about what we do.

Hopefully by the end of June  (still working on our site) the prior MEMBER page will have:
  1. A calendar of coming events
  2. Lists of all Michigan senators and representatives;  if you have an issue that is important to your store, you can give them a call.
  3. Forms to download for REBT, scholarship and outings
In the meantime,  I will use my blog corner to keep everyone updated on issues and compliance that are of specific interest to INDEPENDENT retailers.  We have recently expanded our membership to include specialty food stores, pharmacies and related businesses since our towns often have other retailers with the same issues and goals.  I encourage you to check-in frequently and to comment below for the good of the order (and for me because I am new on this job and trying to continue serving IFRA members following the outstanding job of John (Buzz) Schmidt).  Click on the blue comment line below.

We may do surveys in the future (how are you planning for a possible increase in the minimum wage?) and will always welcome your input or just plain good news.

UNTIL the prior member page is ready, here is the calendar:

April 1st  - the Michigan Medicaid program changes to 'Healthy Michigan' and begins enrolling any citizen making less than 133% of the poverty level (about $16,000 single and $35,000 family).   Call Gail for more information (248) 356-1682.

May 6-8th  - the Great North Food Show

May 13th - the annual IFRA meeting will be held again at the Soaring Eagle in Mt. Pleasant.  Come and bring your spouse for an exciting meeting and banquet.  We are all family and this is our 38th reunion.   As you may know, the resort also has many activities, so stay over and enjoy a spring night.